Fast and effective sanitisation against Covid-19

Our scientifically proven, all-natural sanitiser protects your home by killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. 

Get back normal with Sanfast.

Our hand and surface sanitiser keeps you safe by killing viruses. Fast.  

It’s child-safe, alcohol-free and can be used around food. 

The all-natural ingredients are non-hazardous, hypo-allergenic and child-friendly, so say goodbye to cracked skin and hello to safer living. 

This means: 

• Proven, effective results against 99.999% of all viruses – including Sars Cov-2 

• Local innovation you can trust 

• Fast, personal service every time 

Approved supplier for NHS and HSCNI and EA. 

“We bought Sanfast’s liquid solution for everyone in our child’s class because the 

reassurance of protection without harming their skin was too comforting to pass up” 

A Parent, Buckna 

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Manufactured to International Standards (ISO 9001)  

Certified by UK Blutest Laboratory testing 

Shipped worldwide from Northern Ireland 

Take Back Control 

Sanfast is a non-hazardous sanitiser certified for use as a hand rub or area disinfectant.  Effective in less than a minute, it has zero toxic chemicals and is scientifically certified to kill: 

  • 99.999% of bacteria
  • fungi,
  • spores 
  • virus particles including Sars Cov2

Made with naturally occurring ingredients, SanFast is
skin-safe, hypoallergenic and child friendly.  

Quickly and easily sanitise your hands, home and play areas with our specialist fogging equipment and get back to the old normal. 

“Sanfast helps you keep your home, workplace and everywhere in between safe and free of viruses – so you can enjoy freedom of friendship, work and family that we all deserve, again”  

– Aaron Skinner (Owner)

For years parents, businesses and organisations worldwide have been turning to Sanfast for ultra-reliable protective products with great service. 


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