Who We Are


We’re a team of experts who have worked with the world’s top specialists to develop a safer, better way to protect against dangers like Covid-19. 

Long before Covid-19, we were developing new ways to help hospitals and healthcare businesses throughout the UK and Ireland to fight viruses and keep their doors open.  

Now we’re helping you to take this fight to your homes and spaces to keep your family and loved ones safe. Experience freedom and peace of mind that your home is sanitised from 99.999% of viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria. 

Manufactured in Northern Ireland to International Standards (ISO). Your safety is at the centre of everything we do.  


Non-hazardous, child-friendly and hypoallergenic

Our hypochlorous, alcohol-freehand and surface sanitiser is scientifically tested to wipe out spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses such as Norovirus, MRSA and Sars-Cov-2 in 30 seconds.  

Get back to living freely. 

Rapid dispersal systems 

No longer are effective dispersal systems the work of expensive contractors. We supply top-grade, easily stored, professional solutions when you need them most. Want to fog a room? In just 10 seconds you can.  

Got pets? Don’t worry, they’re as safe as the kids with our all-natural solution. 

A virus can impact our lives. Take back control with SanFast. 

What is Sanfast?  

Made to the highest possible standards, we champion everything we produce. 

Effectiveness guaranteed 

Our cleanser is scientifically tested and manufactured under ISO 9001 to meet your needs. Used as a hand or surface sanitiser, it kills 99.999% of viruses in 30 seconds. That’s the same time it takes you to check your email. 

First-class service 

Manufactured in Northern Ireland, we can process your order within hours. Forget extra postage and customs charges. Need to speak to an actual person on the phone? We’re here when you need us. 

Natural ingredients 

Say goodbye to single use wipes. Our non-hazardous, vegan-certified cleanser is safe to use around food, kids and pets. It won’t crack your skin or irritate your children’s eyes like other sanitisers.  

“My husband is vulnerable to viruses but we still wanted to have our grandchildren over, so we brought a SanFast rapid-fogger with sanitiser and use it daily. It’s so easy to use and now the kids can come over and we’ve done everything we can to keep everyone safe. Thanks to SanFast cleanser we can start living normally again”  

Our Standards 

Our Belfast manufacturing plant produces SanFast cleanser to ISO 9001 standards, protecting you from bacteria, spores and viruses.

We meet the highest standards to verify the effectiveness and safety of SanFast, including:  

FDA regulation compliance 
EN 1276 – Disinfectants within 10 seconds 
EN 1656 – Animal friendly 
EN 14476 – Medical safe use 

Want safety for your family and friends? Shop now to sanitise your space quickly, safely, and effectively from viruses. 

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