& Surgeries

Biosan®  is a natural solution for equipment cleaning and disinfection in the health care & private dentistry sector. It is also an extremely effective treatment for biofilm and can be used for sterilisation of surfaces and equipment. Chemically based cleaners and sanitisers are often harsh sometimes creating problems for the user. Biosan ® is EU and EN approved and certified.

In recent tests Biosan ® was used as a biofilm reduction agent with considerable success. Testing was conducted at a major private hospital proving that sinks, baths and shower drain systems containing a ‘P’ trap or U-bend which are notorious and problematic areas for the accumulation of bacteria can be treated effectively thereby reducing risks of infection and cross contamination.

Home &

Biosan® solutions are highly effective in destroying bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts and moulds around the home. It can be used as natural alternative to general chemical surface disinfectants.
Due to the completely non-toxic nature of Biosan®, it is ideal as a disinfectant for items and areas around the home such as children’s toys, play areas, kitchen surfaces, floors, and bathrooms. Biosan® has been laboratory tested and confirmed to kill 99.999% of germs on contact, without any undesirable chemical ingredients.

Biosan® offers highly-effective, natural hygiene applications as a general commercial disinfectant, in addition to controlling pathogens in food manufacturing & catering industries.
Biosan® safely eliminates bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts and moulds from any manufacturing or catering environment, and is able to eliminate and control all pathogenic organisms, including Staphylococcus Aureus and E.coli. Biosan® reduces the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage organisms, thereby substantially reducing the risk of cross contamination.

First Aid
& Skin Care

First Aid for Minor Injuries.
Biosan® is the first line of defence for minor accidents in the home. Whether it is a cut, bruise, burn or a scuff. They all respond positively without any negative reaction soothing and killing germs. Babies and young children have been known to suffer from reactions to chemical-based disinfectants whereas Biosan®  will not sting or cause discomfort.

Gentle on Babies.
Biosan® is the perfect first aid spray for the medicine cupboard. Easy and convenient to use, mothers, babies and children will love it. Kitchen floors and other such surfaces including high chairs benefit from the gentle and effective action of Biosan®. Babies skin, particularly nappy changing routines benefit from the effectiveness of Biosan®. A clean and bacteria free bottom will keep them happier for longer.

Pet Care

Biosan® is safe to use with all pets and animals as it kills bacteria on contact, making it the perfect solution for cleaning pet or livestock living areas, as well as treating minor skin injuries. Effective against all known bacteria, viruses and fungi, Biosan® is the perfect addition to animal health and particularly stable and horse management. Biosan® does not harm any living creature and is perfect for disinfecting stables Biosan® can be used with the animal in situ allowing for surface cleaning.

Biosan® cab be used to treat bedding and can be sprayed onto sleeping areas to refresh and kill anything in it. Should an animal have wounds resulting from any surgical procedure then Biosan® will keep it clean and free of bacteria resulting in less discomfort, pain and a faster recovery.

Lake Purification

No matter how remote the area is and how clean the water may look, it could be carrying viruses, bacteria, protozoa or parasitic helminthes. Options for purifying drinking water without the addition of chemicals exist, but not all are equally effective.

Lakes and rivers are essential for people’s lives, industrial activities and many other day to day activities. By using Biosan’s advanced technology we purify and remove pollutants from all lakes and rivers as tested for in our ABBOTT Analytical this Independent Laboratory found that by adding a calculated amount of Biosan it will kill 99.999% of all viruses, bacteria, protozoa or parasitic helminthes

Biosan Fogging

Natural Fogging and Decontamination

Learn more about this method of disinfecting areas and cleaning surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria with little to no contact with contaminated surfaces and chemicals.

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Food Processing

Biosan is a trusted no rinse sanitiser, perfectly suited for use in restaurants for produce, meat, poultry, seafood as well as kitchen utensils, cutlery, kitchenware, cutting boards, and general hygiene within a food environment.

Biosan solution kills microorganisms and especially highly-resistant spores and viruses that can be found within the food industry when handling raw foods, waste and dealing with high amounts of contact with people, whether they’re dining in or collecting their food. This is also important for deliveries and keeping drivers sanitised and safe whilst handling food.

Not only does it keep these microorganisms, it’s the speed of kill and regrowth rate which is second to none. The contact time in which it takes to sanitise is seconds compared to general sanitisers that usually need a few minutes to disinfect. 

Biosan’s solution eliminates any sticky chemical residue or smear which means there is no need to rinse off harmful chemicals, making it a natural sanitiser with huge benefits.

Plant & Crop Management

Biosan understand the importance of water and bacteria and their relationship to crop and natural produce. Biosan’s active concentration is highly effective against bacteria, virus and mineral content.

Biosan can help in a number of ways, as displayed in the following list:

Removes and prevents algae from water systems

Reduction in diseases, viruses and bacteria

Biofilm-free lines

Improved filtration, from installing the backwash filter, improves the water pressure through the site

Peace of mind that the water is clean and pure

Leaves no harmful by-products

Kills all waterborn bacteria

Schools & Colleges

In these times, it’s so essential that you keep your pupils safe with specialist sanitisation and cleaning.

Our CRB Checked specialist team can work at the times required, making sure that our team ensure a safe and clean working environment for all pupils, all the time. Whether you need decontamination services or regular deep cleaning, our liquid does it all.

Get Peace of Mind, with Biosan

Kills 99.999% Of All Viruses and Bacteria