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  • Biosan: Your Trusted Choice For Natural Disinfection
  • Made in the United Kingdom
    One of the largest and most respected independent manufacturers of 100% natural and vegan chemicals in the UK.
  • Biosan Fogging Technology
    Biosan is proven effective under laboratory tests up to 6 log reductions after 5 minutes.
    Biosan Fogging Liquid is tested to 99.9999% of all viruses including MRSA, Covid-19 and more.

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  • Biosan service many sectors.
  • Discover how our natural antiseptic and antibacterial liquid solution can help your business.

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  • 100% natural and vegan friendly
  • Certified via BLUTEST to kill COVID-19, and Sars-Cov-2

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  • Discover how Biosan works
  • Explore the science behind the brand
  • Browse our quality assurance certificates
  • Find out why Biosan is the right choice

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