The dangers behind chemicals

It’s apparent that in recent years ‘toxic chemical’ headlines have dominated our newspapers and online articles and blogs. This type of press has made the beauty products we use every day come under fire for the amount of chemicals used and the damage it could be causing to our health. Ten years ago large amounts of chemicals were used in a popular hair straightening treatment from the brand Brazilian Blowout, when heated, created formaldehyde gas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration labelled this beauty treatment a hazard and non safe working environment for salon workers and customers. Crazily, in 2012, the FDA discovered that 400 types of lipsticks contained small amounts of lead which can have terrible effects on humans.

In 2014, popular baby brand Johnson & Johnson were forced to remove a type of preservative from their baby shampoo that released tiny amounts of formaldehyde into the air. Even in the most gentle products, there is no escape from toxic chemical use unless you switch to all friendly, natural products.

For example, parabens (a type of preservative) have dominated beauty products for years to stop bacteria forming in the product itself. This means that any water-based product, from shampoo to moisturisers, will contain a preservative to prevent the product from growing bacteria when not in use.

It’s been discovered that Parabens disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen. When we have too much oestrogen, this can trigger an increase in breast cell division and growth of tumours.

You have probably seen “paraben-free” on a lot of beauty products in more recent years due to more companies wanting to stay well away from it because of the toxic side effects.