Safety for your everywhere

From your home, to workplace and everywhere in between, feel safe again with SanFast – approved supplier to the Education Authority, NHS and Health and Social Care Northern Ireland. 


Forget single-use wipes and the stench of alcohol. Get safe the right way with our high-performance surface cleanser.  


Certified and tested to kill 99.99% of viruses, including MRSA and Covid-19. 


All-natural ingredients means our cleanser can be used around food, pets and kids without any risk of harm. 


In just 30 seconds each surface is sanitised. 

Protect your loved ones with our specialist cleanser and home-use systems – shop now 

Childcare & Schools 

Keep your facilities ahead of the curve with our child-friendly, non-hazardous sanitiser solutions.  


Our rapid deployment system saves staffing costs and keeps your facility open for longer. 

Locally produced

Easily purchased and fulfilled from our manufacturing centre in Belfast. 


ISO 9001 means you take care of your children to the highest standards possible. 

Protect your staff, children and business. Shop now. 

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Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.    


Safeguard your reputation with our rapid sanitisation systems and show your customers that their safety is your number one priority. 


Sanitise a room in less than a minute and give your customers that warm fuzzy feeling that they’ve never been more protected. 


With all-natural ingredients, you don’t need to wear PPE when using our products. That’s a win-win for you and your staff. 


Raise your sanitisation levels to the very best they can be. Our cleanser is ISO 9001 certified, giving your business the safety it needs against viruses.  

Solidify your reputation without hitting your profits. 

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Kayla – The Den – Childcare provider 

“We started using San Fast in July 2020 when we reopened after the first big lock down from March. 

Not only has it gave parents and staff the peace of mind that we are taking measures up and above to protect their children from Covid-19, but I believe we lasted 2 years without a breakout in our setting due to our use of SanFast. 

We use our rapid-fogger at the end of each evening to thoroughly cleanse the setting, toys and equipment; and our rapid-mister devices through the day, cleansing toys, touch points, toilets, and our vehicles 

The best thing for me as a childcare provider is how safe it is to use around the children. We can fog while the children are in the area without waiting an hour until the chemical settles.  

The customer service is brilliant and the ordering process is flawless. 

When we had the initial consultation with the team they didn’t encourage me to spend unnecessary money; instead they looked at our setting and needs and provided us with exactly what we needed.  

I can’t recommend the team at Sanfast enough!” 

The science behind our all-natural sanitiser 

  • Tested and certified to UK BluTest laboratory standards 
  • In 30 seconds it kills 99.99% of viruses including MRSA, Norovirus and Sars-Cov 2 
  • All-natural ingredients, SanFast hyrochlorous is certified vegan and halal friendly, with no irritating side-effects
  • Non-hazardous, SanFast is safe to use around children and animals
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards in our Belfast plant
  • European Standards 14476 and 1276 mean it’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial 

Our research, certification and service make us the natural choice. Let us keep you, your family and your business safe. 

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